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Objavljeno u: Savremeni trendovi u psihologiji, 2013, str. 2-2, Novi Sad: Filozofski fakultet

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Terence J. G. Tracey
Arizona State University

Issues in interest assessment: The world is not flat

Interests serve as a key motivator with respect to selecting and entering different environments and approaching tasks. People seek out situations that they find interesting and they devote their time top these situations and find these situations more satisfying. Hence it is important to understand interests and be able to assess them validly. The structure of interests will be reviewed along with a presentation of a general model, the Personal Globe which is a spherical structure. This structure provides an easy to understand and valid representation of interests. Further the model has been applied to self-efficacy, which is the personal assessment of one’s capabilities. Self-efficacy and interests have been found to share a common structure and can thus measured conjointly. The Personal Globe Inventory which was developed to measure this model will be explained as it relates to issues of measurement as well as issues of optimal presentation of information to clients. Finally the validity of this model to applications internationally will be summarized.