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Objavljeno u: Savremeni trendovi u psihologiji, 2011, str. 3-3, Novi Sad: Filozofski fakultet

Tip publikacije: plenarno predavanje

Ted L. Huston
The University of Texas at Austin

The early connubial roots of marital distress and divorce

This presentation will highlight findings from a 13-year longitudinal study carried out in the United States that challenges conventional wisdom about the roots of marital distress and divorce. The study traced relationships from courtship, to the early years of marriage, to parenthood (for most), and to divorce (for some). The presentation will describe the germination of the study; how it was implemented; and what it revealed about why some marriages succeed and others fail. Factors that shape the interpersonal climate of newly formed marriages will be highlighted and shown to foreshadow the later fate of the marriages. More specifically, the study showed that couples’ courtship and early marital experiences anticipated: (a) whether they stayed married or divorced, (b) whether they sustained satisfying unions (if their marriage lasted), and (c) how quickly the marriages that ended in divorce broke apart. The high propensity of Americans to marry and the high divorce rate in the United States suggest the importance of considering the culture within marriages are spawned and the criteria used to measure their successfulness.